Can I still use Outlook or another email client?

Sure! If you want, you may use your existing Outlook, Thunderbird, or other email client application. However, the new feature-rich webmail leaves little to be desired. You should try it out for awhile, you can access it from anywhere you have an internet connection; on any of your mobile devices too!

Note: If you have shared calendars, or a special mail setup; it would be best to contact the helpdesk at ext 4433 to schedule a remote session where a technician can aid you in setting up your mail client.

Still want to setup your client? No problem, check out the easy setup info below, if you don't see your client you can use the host information provided in the "Generic Client" tab:


Your version of Outlook may differ slightly from the screenshots, but the basics are the same. This tutorial allows you to sync your Contacts, Calendar, and Mail between Outlook and Cardinal Cloud. If you are looking to only set it up as an email client and ONLY connect to your IMAP email and not caring about calendar or contacts, then use the Advanced Outlook Client tutorial.

The following video has some useful information on the sync tool and how it works, view the tutorial below the video to see step-by-step how things should be setup with your Cardinal Cloud account.

  1. First, you need to download the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook. Click the blue download button. If your browser asks you to run or save you can click run; if your browser saves the file by default, you should look on your Desktop or in the Downloads folder.

  2. When the download runs or you double click on the saved file you will see an initializing window. Wait for this to load.

  3. When the installer finished initializing you can click the close button. A new window is now available where you enter your SUNY Plattsburgh email address.

  4. You are safe to click continue after entering your email.

  5. An internet browser window will open after clicking continue with a note stating that the application would like to view and manage your mail, among other things. It is okay to scroll to the bottom and click "Accept" to let the program sync your mail.

  6. Lastly, you will receive a screen asking you to indicate whether you'd like to important any items from your current profile. Users who have local mail and folders, or local calendars, will want to check this box. Check the boxes next to what you'd like to important and click "Create Profile." Your mail on the server will have already been imported by our process. Note: It would be a good idea to click "Show Advanced Settings" and choose an unlimited Mailbox size. This makes it so everything syncs to Cardinal Cloud. Afterwards, if there is anything missing from your profile call ext 4433.

    Google Sync Tool Download the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool