How do I merge with another Gmail or third-party email account?

There are two ways you can merge or migrate another Gmail or other third-party email account with your new Cardinal Cloud account. The first way is the easiest, but will only work if you do not have any mail folders or tags in the account you want to merge. This way is the POP3 way. Cardinal Cloud allows you to add a third-party email account that it will periodically check and download mail from.

The other option is more advanced, so you may need assistance from the helpdesk. This involves adding the third-party account to Outlook with IMAP and then using the one-way-sync option with the Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook tool. You could also add it to Outlook or Thunderbird and drag-drop manually. The helpdesk will support merging third-party Gmail accounts that was used for forwarding mail from a SUNY Plattsburgh account.