What policies does SUNY Plattsburgh maintain for Cardinal Cloud?

SUNY Plattsburgh's agreement with Google for Cardinal Cloud abides by current University, SUNY, and State policies and standard practices. That being said, you can rest assured that unlike some other public email services offered by Google or otherwise, SUNY Plattsburgh's email messages are not subject to data mining. User's that use Cardinal Cloud core services (email, calendar, drive, and contacts) are safe from data mining and advertising practices. Note that if you use your Cardinal Cloud account to login to other Google services those products may not be held under our current campus agreement and you may not be protected from directed advertising or data mining.

As a general note, Cardinal Cloud falls under the usual campus Technology Policy. Cardinal Cloud intends to make sharing and collaboration easier for campus users. However, with the ability to share comes the ability for abuse. Using common sense and familiarizing yourself with campus technology policies is encouraged. Abuse of Cardinal Cloud or other campus systems could result in the suspension of your campus account.

Links to various campus policies: